Telescoping Snow Broom shortens your chore time


telescoping-snow-broomWhen winter hits, some parts of the world simply get filled up with snow – and lots of it, so much so that it can be quite an inconvenience, really. For instance, you would need to shovel your driveway so that your car will be able to back out, and you can make your way to the office in the morning. How about getting rid of the snow that is on your car itself? That is also a chore which would help you burn calories and save you money on a gym membership, but in this day and age where we would love to be a whole lot more efficient, there is the $19.95 Telescoping Snow Broom that lets you get the job done in double quick time.

A telescoping device is always worth checking out, and the Telescoping Snow Broom happens to be a patented snow broom which makes it easy for drivers to clear the snow from a vehicle – all without running into the risk of damaging its paint or trim. The broom’s telescoping metal pole would be able to extend to any length from 30″ to 49″ with a simple twist, where even vertically challenged users would be able to obtain an adequate amount of length to reach across the roof of an SUV without having to strain his or her back. The 15″-wide polyethylene foam head will be able to push snow aside in a jiffy while being gentle to a vehicle’s finish, making it the perfect Christmas present.

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