Rapoo KX Mechanical Keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience


rapoo-kxNot all keyboards are created equal, where some of them are a whole lot more advanced than the rest. Well, I cannot vouch enough for a good keyboard if you happen to be involved in a line of work where there is plenty of typing that needs to be done every single day for hours on end. After all, we are talking about the well being of your health in the long run here, and if you think your hands and fingers deserve a new mechanical keyboard at the workplace or at home, then you might be curious to check out just what the Rapoo KX Mechanical Keyboard is capable of offering.

For starters, the Rapoo KX Mechanical Keyboard is said to come with a comfortable typing experience, where it will boast of a sleek, wireless keyboard with vibration feedback that is capable of enhancing any user’s computing experience. The mechanical keys that accompany this particular keyboard will deliver a comfortable typing experience for up to 60 million operations, where its sturdy stainless-steel casing will deliver a durable and steady placement for a long-lasting appeal.

Not only that, the Rapoo KX Mechanical Keyboard will also run on a reliable 5GHz connection that delivers a wireless and interference-free connection, where it sports a range of up to 32 feet. In addition, it will boast of a low-energy consuming li-ion battery for a longer operation time – so much so that the keyboard has been rated to carry a standby time of up to 40 hours. Fret not though, if you happen to be typing halfway and it runs out of juice – this is no reason to cite your unproductive moment, since it has an integrated Dual-Mode feature which paves the way for one to plug-in a micro-USB cable for a wired connection. In other words, you can recharge it via USB while hammering away at its keys to complete whatever document you are working on at that point in time, and it takes approximately four hours for a full charge. The asking price? $79.99 a pop in black or white shades, although if you wait until next year, it will arrive in hues such as red, yellow, or blue.

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