Might is right with the Deluxe Inflatable Godzilla Costume


inflatable-godzillaI know that size does matter at times – especially when it comes to the likes of TV screens as well as smartphones, but not everything large is welcome. However, there are times when a behemoth simply brings awe and a sense of wonder to the masses, and hence it is interesting to take note that you might want to check out this $64.99 Deluxe Inflatable Godzilla Costume for this upcoming Halloween season.

After all, it takes a monster to defeat another monster – or two, or even three of them. Godzilla has long since played to the gallery at certain times, being the hero for a beleaguered world at times, while being a villian in other moments. Still, you can now have a sense of what the world’s favorite cold blooded lizard creature is like, and inflating this particular adult sized jumpsuit is a snap thanks to its very own battery powered fan. Other parts that are thrown into the mix include shoe covers, gloves and a headpiece, where all of it will run off a quartet of AA batteries. Needless to say, you would want to stomp around while wearing this bad boy to maximize its effectiveness.

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