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Social media is an unstoppable force. Most folks find that they “share” a whole lot more online, than they ever did face to face. I can hardly remember how information got around before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure what comes next, but it is obvious that new ways to share things are showing up on our horizons everyday, and it is likely that a few of them will also become fixtures in our everyday lives.

Check out 5by, StumbleUpon’s unique mobile video platform that is likely to revolutionize video consumption and exchange experiences for all of us, with their all-new iOS and Android apps. Sure you like to share videos with your friends, most of us just post the things we want to have seen to our Facebook walls, and wait for the comments to roll in, but what about those of us wanting a more personalized experience?

5by was developed to change how people communicate around a shared video, and this all new 5by version adds friend-to-friend messaging and even multi-platform searching to its existing video offerings. 5by users can find, share and chat about online videos, all in real-time. Now you can simply visit 5by, search for videos across all sorts of multiple platforms, like YouTube, and then have real-time conversations with friends about their favorites – all in one place.

So if you want to check out a cool new way to interact with just one friend, or 12, over the latest viral (or not so viral) videos, or you just love the idea of patent-pending recommendation technology showing you five must-watch videos everyday that your friends will be talking about tomorrow, then head on over to iTunes or Google Play and install what might just be, the next big thing…



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