The Lounge-Wood Classic is a couch potato’s dream


Wood Lounge Desk

For anyone that owns a laptop, you know the rituals of being a lounger. You find different places to nestle yourself down and do work, watch shows, or just stalk your friends on Facebook. Of course, your laptop either ends up actually on your lap, or precariously perched on a pillow or arm rest. If you wish you had a better setup for when you want to sit somewhere comfortable, but don’t want to have to roast your legs or overheat your laptop, then you probably want a surface to put it on.

The Lounge-wood looks like a dream come true, as it was made to be fully adjustable for height, rotation, and tilt. Of course, it’s also made of beech wood, solid and layered with a walnut effect, so it looks rather stylish to boot. There are satin lnox steel metal pipes for structure, and aluminum for the handmade knobs. This means you can comfortably be on your laptop for an extended amount of time without having to worry about where you’re going to put it.

It’s also nice to not be trapped by your power cord and blankets, as you can simply move the tray away to stand up without having to find a stable surface to move your precious lappy to. Being made of real wood and being this functional means it’s going to cost a pretty penny, but it’s not too unreasonable at $429. This would be perfect for the winter season when you don’t want to get up and do anything, though the downside is that it will encourage that behavior.

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