LifeBEAM delivers the first smart cycling helmet


lifebeamSmartphones, smart homes, smart cars, heck, even helmets look set to receive the smart moniker this time around. I am referring to the LifeBEAM smart cycling helmet, which is touted to be the first of its kind in the world. LifeBEAM is an old hand at developing bio-sensing technology, where this new LifeBEAM Helmet happens to be the second version of a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. In fact, the LifeBEAM Helmet has gone through a re-engineering process in order to deliver aerospace-grade heart rate and calorie consumption measurements without the need for a chest strap, making it extremely convenient in this manner.

Just how reliable is the LifeBEAM Helmet’s ability to get all the relevant biometric readings required? Potential owners will be pleased as punch to know that it has been tested with Special Forces units in cold, rain, sweat and snow, which are more or less the most rugged and challenging conditions that it could go through – so your regular bike route through some monsoon rains, or perhaps during winter when there is snow everywhere, should not be too much of a challenge to the LifeBEAM Helmet.

This particular upgraded sensor will fall back on the same algorithm which sees action in LifeBEAM’s aerospace systems – that ought to provide you with plenty of confidence, don’t you think so? This particular algorithm would help to increase measurement speed as well as accuracy, but it will also work in lowering battery consumption so that the average bicyclist is able to make use of the helmet three or four times each week for the whole month without the need for recharging. Apart from that, the new LYCRA headband and redesigned casing on the LifeBEAM Helmet ensures greater comfort and clear heart rate readings.

Expect the LifeBEAM Helmet to broadcast both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ protocols which enables users to transfer heart rate and calorie measurements to a smartphone or wearable device in a pinch.

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