iDevices announces the iShower²


ishower2It looks as though there are plenty of things around us these days that do come with the smart moniker, as though it is a prerequisite of sorts before folks are willing to give that particular product a second look. iDevices does know how to tug at the heartstrings of the masses, being a preeminent brand and development partner in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, and they have just announced their latest offering, which is known as the iShower². The iShower² would be part of a larger family that includes the iGrill², iGrillmini and Kitchen Thermometer, among others.

Just how does the iShower² work anyways? For starters, it will be a true blue wireless device, as it pairs up with other Bluetooth enabled devices so that you are able to enjoy high-quality sound right smack in the middle of your shower. After all, what better way to kick off the day on the right note (pun not intended) by listening to your favorite audio apps? It does not matter whether your ears are tickled by music, news, podcasts, and sports, among others, as long as you tune in to your favorite audio offering. Since this is a second generation device, the iShower² would boast of a new speakerphone functionality which was not found in its predecessor, not to mention featuring an extended battery life and improved sound quality.

The asking price for the iShower² would remain the same as before, which would be $99.99 a pop. The biggest advantage of the iShower²? You no longer need to run the risk of dropping your smartphone or tablet in the shower, getting it wet and most probably spoilt in the process – unless those happen to carry some sort of waterproof rating, of course. Thanks to the iShower²’s 200-foot Bluetooth range, you can be sure that your smartphone remains safe and dry from afar, while you continue to be able to control the tracks with Play, Pause, and Skip options, not to mention being able to answer or ignore phone calls. Pretty neat, right?

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