Witti Design introduces Notti smart light


nottiDo you feel as though manufacturers these days tend to have the pressure of having a smart this and a smart that to be part of the naming convention whenever a new device is introduced to the market? We have smart cars, smart homes, and of course, the most common of them all would be the smartphone that just about everyone has one – and heck, you might even be reading this on your smartphone at the moment, too. Witti Design intends to spark things up with what they call an intuitive smart light, which is also known as Notti.

Notti happens to be a simple to use LED smart light and app which will notify users of incoming phone calls, texts, social media updates, emails, and appointments – and that is not all, through the association of color. Of course, you will definitely be spoilt for choice since you get to choose from an extremely diverse catalogue of 16 million vibrant colors, now how about that? The Notti smart light will be controlled by a free app, where it will then pair up with your smartphone over a Bluetooth 4.0 connection which does away with the need for pesky wires, lag time and excessive energy usage.

This would mean that Notti works independently of any plugs, wires or sockets, and it is capable of traveling easily from one room to another. It sports a wireless range of up to 50 feet, and users no longer need to worry or be concerned about missing a call or forgetting an email. Notti even boasts of a custom alarm function that lets users be woken up peacefully each morning instead of the usual din – this is made possible through a slowly brightening LED that does not jolt you awake, but does so gradually. This ought to go some way to make one feel rested and rejuvenated as the day begins. There is also a music mode that allows Notti to groove to your favorite tunes with different lighting effects.

Right now, Notti is available for pre-order on Kickstarter.com, where it is up at a discounted rate of $40, so you might want to give it a go since the recommended retail price stands at $79.99.

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