The Hendo Hoverboard – they finally did it!


Hendo Hover Board
Ever since Back to the Future II we’ve wanted a hoverboard, and while many have teased at making one, we’ve been sitting in wait for a real product to hit the market. You always hope that today will be the day, and it finally is! It’s always been a matter of time before someone would reinvent the wheel, and it looks like they’ve done it.

While it’s not quite as advanced as what we’ve seen in movies, the Hendo Hoverboard can stand around one inch off of the ground. It can handle up to a 250 pound load, but it will likely only get to half an inch off the ground at full capacity. This has four disc-shaped hover engines which create a special magnetic field that pushes against itself to get the levitation aspect going. The board is propelled by you, but you’ll have to be on a surface that is a non-ferromagnetic conductor for it to work. Specific types of metal sheets that shouldn’t be too hard to find will work just fine if you’re really itching to get one of these.

While this is still in its early stages, you have a few options for helping this cause. You can flat out buy a hoverboard for $10,000, or you can be part of the community who is looking to take this apart and figure out how to do it better by getting the $299 white box developer kit. This will give you a Hendo hover engine set, and enough surface for it to hover on. This means you can piece it apart and play with its innards! Of course, if you’re really just wanting to play with the hover aspect, you can get the $799 Whitebox+ kit, which can’t be taken apart, but can be remotely controlled by your smartphone. They will also be holding a big hoverboard event at a hover park on October 21, 2015. Ingenious.

Available for crowdfunding, and more information on Kickstarter

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