Arch Lamp delivers light – in style, too!


award-winning-arch-lampLife is full of options, and generally speaking, the more money that you have, the more options you will be able to have at your disposal. Having something that is purely functional is no longer good enough, as these days, it pays to have something that is also aesthetically pleasing. In this case, if you were to be on the lookout for a lamp that is able to light up your home, then you might want to consider picking up the $129.95 Arch Lamp from Hammacher.

The Arch Lamp happened to have picked up the gong for Interior Design’s Best of Year Honor, where the arch-shaped lamp (as its name suggests) is capable of providing soft omni-directional light. It was specially created by acclaimed industrial designer Peter Ng, where the lamp’s 28 miniature LEDs are more than capable of producing 250 glare-free lumens of light which will emanate from a seamless plastic shell that has been formed into a stylized lowercase letter “n”. Making sure that it remains within the boundaries of a minimalist design, the lamp is turned on, off, and dimmed through the simple press of a touch panel – which can be done on either side of its base. The shadeless lamp will also take up a minimal amount of space, be it on a side table or nightstand, and not only that, it is also extremely lightweight that it can be balanced on a single finger for easy relocation. Using 5-watt LEDs which have been rated for 50,000 hours, you know for sure the Arch Lamp is going to last you a good, long time.

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