Bellabeat delivers slew of family tracking devices

bellabeat-shellWhen it comes to being a parent, there are many different aspects for one to think of, especially when it comes to the preparation bit. You would want your little one to be as comfortable as possible, right? The more modern days have thrown up more than just a single gadget to help new parents as well as would-be parents, and these will obviously make life a whole lot easier compared to our ancestors. Bellabeat has announced a new range of tracking devices which will target mothers as well as expectant moms, allowing the trio of new devices to be able to assist moms in helping them track their pregnancy and birth without any worry at all. This enables moms to connect intimately with their babies in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

This new range of products will not be of poor make and quality, but rather, it will be made from high-quality European wood. Bellabeat intends to use this new range to bridge the gap between sterile medical devices as well as the natural journey of pregnancy and motherhood. Right now, mothers are required to make use of cold and complicated devices in order to hear their own baby’s heartbeat, or to wait until the following doctor’s appointment. With Bellabeat, that particular aspect will be catered to as women can then hear the comforting beat of their baby’s heart – at a time and palce of their choosing, also making it a whole lot easier to track various aspects such as their weight, sleep, activity, and stress levels.

Basically, the whole idea is to create a smooth and soothing pregnancy for both mom and baby, not to mention boasting of a brand new feature which baby will get to listen to calming music from within the womb. The main priority would be to ensure that women’s comfort and health are upheld, while helping moms connect to their growing little one without any harm.

The three products would be the Bellabeat Shell, Bellabeat Leaf and Bellabeat Balance, where the Bellabeat Shell uses non-invasive technology such as high-sensitivity sensors to let moms listen to their baby’s heartbeat – and to share it with their loved ones. As for the Bellabeat Leaf, it can be added to any outfit as a fashion accessory, while functioning as an activity tracker so that women can keep track their sleep and stress levels. Last but not least, Bellabeat Balance happens to be a beautiful smart scale that is made out of wood, letting the ladies track their weight before, during and after pregnancy.

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