Plush Buddy Bouncer for those days with nasty weather outside


plush-buddy-bouncerIt does not take too much to capture the attention of a young child, and all you need would be to have something cute, and they are good to go. For those who are still running around while adoring you as their all in all, there is nothing quite like having a butterfly or ladybird show off the cuter side of them, as it appeals to just about anyone. The $149.95 Plush Buddy Bouncer is one such unique offering that sports a plush cover that has been shaped like a ladybug or racecar, being a mini trampoline that will be able to deliver countless hours of indoor exercise and entertainment for the little ones – perfect whenever the weather is foul on the outside.

This smiling toy would be extremely inviting for young trampolinists to help them burn off some energy as they bounce and jump around, making it a whole lot easier to tuck them in at the end of a long day. Of course, with first time parents, there will also be an element of risk, but fret not as the Plush Buddy Bouncer will sport a practical design that ensures safety. It will also feature a sturdy steel frame that will not rock or shake, while the 30 springs come completely covered so that one’s foot will not be able to slip through, and the platform itself stands only 81/2″ off the ground. The two big-eyed buddies can be detached to become cuddly pillows, so that you remove the rest of the fabric exterior for washing. Some assembly is required, so dads who aren’t good with DIY, please call the Avengers!

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