The Blackout buddy makes sure you’re never left in the dark


American Red Cross Blackout Buddy

When the power goes out, we stumble to find our way to where we think we left the flashlight. If you don’t have a very good plan for emergency situations, there’s a good chance you’re not going to find it. It’s not something we think about every day,but you certainly don’t want to dwell on the all the scenarios of how things could go wrong.

If you want to make sure you at least have light should everything hit the fan at once, you can get the Blackout Buddy. This is an emergency LED blackout flashlight that is meant to be forgotten about until you need it. This can be plugged into any outlet and left alone as it will turn on automatically should the power fail. If you want to give it regular use, you can also use the night light option (which can be switched on or off).

If you know a potentially powerful storm is on the way and you have one of these handy, you’ll have to remember to charge it for at least three hours to get two hours worth of light. Once it has been unplugged, you can fold in the prongs to make it easier to carry as a flashlight. There is a rechargeable battery that will give you an extra two hours of illumination. One of these will cost you anywhere from $22-26 if you think these would be useful during a power outage or more extreme situations.

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