Slime Time lets you construct a clock with a dose of fun


slime-timeThey say that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and I thoroughly agree with this particular statement. In fact, it also makes perfect sense that we learn best when there is no pressure at all, and it happens frequently in an environment of play. Having said that, if you think that your little one has the budding potential to be an engineer in the future, how about picking up the $19.99 Slime Time as a gift set? This particular Slime Time set would allow one to construct a clock that is powered by – yup, you’ve guessed it, slime!

Slime Time would enable one to piece together a simple digital clock, where instead of installing batteries, one would be required to connect the electrodes up to a couple of test tubes that have been filled with electro-goop. This particular goop is said to be able to produce more than its fair share of electricity so that it can power the clock, and at the same time teach you concerning the electrochemical reactions, electrodes, and batteries. Each purchase comes with a 16 page manual to help you get started with a trio of experiments, not to mention sporting a base plate with battery holder, digital clock, 2 test tube holders, 2 test tubes, 2 test tube caps, copper electrode, zinc electrode, copper and zing electrode pair, 2 contact springs, and 2 slime solution bottles.

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