Transformers Ornaments helps to animate your tree


transformers-ornamentsIt does not matter just what your age is – regardless of how old or young you are, there is just something about the idea of Transformers that catches the imagination – and it does that well, too. Having said that, how many of you are more or less tired of having the same old Christmas decorations on the trees at home? If you would like something that is more than meets the eye, so to speak, why not settle for the $9.99 Transformers Ornaments?

With the Transformers Ornaments, you can “transform” your tree this holiday season into something else altogether, where you pick from Autobot or Decepticon icons. Regardless of the faction that you choose, either one will still come with light up LED eyes. Unfortunately, apart from that, there never really is any kind of transforming that goes on at all – these are just ornaments with a symbol that lights up in the eyes area. It might also end up being mighty expensive if you were to actually deck an entire tree with this for sure! At the very least, your mind will be at peace knowing that these are officially licensed Transformers ornaments, making it rate pretty well like the Classic Video Game Controller Ornament Set.

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