Toe The Line Tablet Bot reacts to light

toe-the-lineWhen it comes to the world of robots, it can be an extremely complex topic to talk about. After all, it does range from the really large, industrial kinds to the type that normal people would be more familiar with – such as robots that are depicted in science fiction movies and the ilk. Having said that, what are some of the more interesting robots that you will be able to take advantage of in your everyday gadget use? Enter the $59.95 Toe The Line Tablet Bot which will play nice with the latest iPhone 6 smartphone from Apple.

The Toe The Line Tablet Bot is not some sort of Jetsons’ style robot, but rather, this is a tiny precision line-sensing robot which is capable of traveling on top of a tablet’s display as it reacts to various light intensities detected. The robot itself sports a sophisticated optical recognition system that will allow it to cruise over a tablet’s display, and it also does the same when on paper or a gameboard through the implementation of precision line-sensing. It can detect the difference between the dark line of a “wall” and the white space of a “corridor”, as it makes its way through various mazes and labyrinths, which means it can follow your finger’s on-screen drawings, while competing with other tablet bots. The internal rechargeable battery offers up to 80 minutes of working time, and it takes 30 minutes to juice it up fully.