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Its here! You can feel the chill in the air, the leaves are beginning to change colors, and just like that, Autumn is upon us. Soon the kids will dress up as little ghouls and goblins and come knocking for Halloween candies. I love everything about the Fall, and look forward to decorating, and most of all, to making our Jack-o-lanterns. I’m thinking of of taking our pumpkins to the next level this year…

Check out the limited edition LittleBits Hack-O-Lantern. The simple Halloween pumpkin kit that lets your pumpkins illuminate by sound. LittleBits has been around for a while, and makes a wide variety of modular electronic toy kits for kids, so it’s not a shocker that this Halloween they’re taking aim at our pumpkins. Now your little ghouls can enjoy making a sound-activated jack-o-lantern with only three “Bits” from LittleBits, that include a bright LED light, the power source and the sound trigger, now your orange masterpiece will be able to light up when you clap!

Littlebits also offers another treat this holiday, allowing you to use LittleBits to turn an existing portrait or picture into the perfect haunted house accessory! Creep out Family and friends by making a set of eyes in a portrait blink as they walk by. Use a real photograph, a magazine picture, or even create your own. Excellent! I can display that year round.

Each LittleBits kit is available for a limited time, and will ship in time for your Halloween (if you order soon) Watch some videos, or get in on the spooky action at Kits start at only around 29 bucks. Trick or Treat!

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