LG’s Microwave Baking Oven – Fast Food almost Anywhere



Who doesn’t extol the virtues of the microwave oven? I mean, there can be no better friend to those of us that are starving, and are simply too tired to actually cook. A TV dinner, soup, or a quick reheat of last nights fabulous spaghetti, press a few buttons, and in 2 minutes and you’re dining. Unless you want pizza… because pizza in the microwave is a mistake you only make once.

Check out the Microwave Baking Oven Combo, designed to sit right on your countertop, this combination oven, and microwave is a fabulous option if you’re tight on space in your kitchen, RV, or dorm room. This microwave and baking oven allows you to cook 2 things at once, and it’s perfect for things like small frozen foods, pizzas or,  you can even bake cookies in it, let your microwave do that!

The LG Microwave Baking Oven has a 1.1 cu ft oven capacity with 1000 watt microwave combined with a 1400 watt pizza oven. This versatile appliance has
4 reheat and 3 auto defrost functions, 2 quick touch cooking buttons, 10 power levels, 4 auto pizza and 4 bake options as well as a child lock function for keeping little hands from accidentally turning on the oven.

So if you’re tight on space, but love a quick snack, check out LG’s small, and easy to clean, Microwave Baking Oven, you can have one for under 240 bucks from amazon.com. Then you can defrost the pizza in the microwave, and crisp it in the oven… yum!

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