Articulating Variable Light Mirror helps you nitpick on those flaws


light-mirrorA mirror is a very useful thing – it helps you to be able to see what is right with you, as well as all the rest of the flaws out there. The thing is, we more often than not prefer to have our flaws be kept as a secret, or tucked away somewhere so that no one will be able to know our warts and all. Well, if you are ready to face up to any kind of weaknesses and would like to work on them, then perhaps you might consider to do so – and in style, too! This can be achieved through the $159.95 Articulating Variable Light Mirror.

This is no ordinary vanity mirror, but rather, it is one that articulates in order to bring its surface a whole lot closer to your face than what a normal mirror is able to do. It is preferable to fixed models which will require one to move a chair closer to the mirror, or perhaps to actually move the whole mirror forward and run the risk of getting another seven years of bad luck running. It is made using optical-quality glass, where this 10″-diameter model has a 1X mirror on one side which can swivel 360° for endless rotation. Apart from that, it will also be surrounded by a dimmable LED light with settings which will mimic natural daylight, an office setting, or evening.

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