The Jabra Move Wireless Headset takes away the tangle of cables


Jabra Move

There are a few different ways to listen to music with your headphones on. You can turn the volume down and half-listen to the world around you, turn it full blast and act like you’re not dancing your socks off in your head, or turn it up and dance like no one’s looking. If you prefer to do the latter of those three, chances are you’re going to want a headset that isn’t going to tangle you in a mess of wires.

If you want to hear your tunes crisply and look stylish while doing so, then you’re going to love the Jabra Move. It is a simple, clean, over-the-ear design that comes in blue, black, or red. Through this headset, you can chat on the phone or pump up the jams for up to 8 hours thanks to the rechargeable battery. It connects to a music player through Bluetooth, so any enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop will do just fine. The most obvious usage is likely going to be your phone, since they stress the option to take calls while on-the-go.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’d rather be plugged directly into your music player, there is an included 3.5mm rubber cable. There is a microphone in the left ear cup, and there are buttons that will allow you to control your music and calls located on the exterior of the ear cup. This is said to be ultra lightweight, and costs $99.99. Should these be as great as they advertise, they would be a fair purchase for those who just can’t help but groove.

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