Brightbox Mark 3 – Public Pay Charging Stations



It seems we all rely on our smartphones so much, the thought of them going dead can be moderately stressful to say the least. As I walk around town I often wonder how in the world we managed to get anything done before the invention of the smartphone. Does anyone ever see pay phones anymore? Anyone?

Well, check the landscape again, and this time be on the lookout for the Brightbox Mark 3, in some of the places a pay phone could have been, you might find these safe and secure mobile charging stations. A freestanding unit, with multiple chambers, you simply swipe your credit card, plug your phone into a secure chamber… and go on about your business. When your phone is charged up, simply swipe the same card in order to open your chamber, and retrieve your charged phone.

The Brightbox uses retractable cables for simplified charging and even has available chambers that can accommodate some of the newer  “phablet” devices. Compatible with nearly any mobile device out there, the Mark3 delivers the safest and quickest charge possible, at the fastest optimized manufacturer’s recommended rate. Perfect.

So, if you can see the need for some public mobile charging at your location, or have an event venue or tradeshow that could benefit from you providing some phone juice to your customers, then check out, for more information on sales, or even rentals. I’m just hoping there’s one at the next wedding I have to sit through.

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