MC Squares will add some creative spark to boring meetings


mc squares

One of the worst things to be forced to sit through is a meeting where the presenter doesn’t understand that their audience is going to get bored if you talk at them. So many meetings are often comprised of one person talking an inordinate amount about the same few points over and over again, hoping that someone will chime in. Sometimes they even write on a whiteboard to illustrate their points, which seldom actually helps. The big issue here of course, is that we do have an attention span, and it will run out.

If you want to keep everyone in a meeting engaged and interested, you can’t expect them to sit and listen patiently for hours at a time. Everyone loves drawing on dry erase boards, so why not give everyone at a meeting a chance to use one? It seems crazy, but mc squares just might make it work. These are magnetic dry erase squares that can be stuck on cabinets, refrigerators, and more. The idea is that they are supposed to be bought in a grid form for multiple people to use at one time.

There’s a mounting bracket that has been designed to accommodate more if you want to add on to your white board space. The backs of the boards use a brick system so that the custom pens and erasers will snap in place. Additionally, there are embedded neodymium magnets embedded into the backs of these boards, so you can stick them back-to-back. If you’re looking to set your office up with this system but want to start small, you’ll be looking at around $155 or more, which will give you a two by two grid of mc squares.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter


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