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hexoskinWith devices getting smarter and smarter these days, it goes without saying that sooner or later, we will be wearing just about everything – with a smart moniker thrown into the mix, of course. Take the ordinary watch for instance – it seems that a normal watch is not going to cut the mustard any more these days, as a smartwatch is more like it, ala the Moto 360 from Motorola. When it comes to pulling on a shirt, the Hexoskin might be on to something here, as it functions as a biometric smart shirt which will be able to provide users with insights concerning their physical training, sleep and daily activities.

First released in the Great White North (that’s Canada just in case you were wondering), the Hexoskin is now available to its neighbor down south, which is the United States. The Hexoskin smart shirt happens to be the ultimate data authority for athletes and exercise enthusiasts where the booming wearable technology industry is concerned. Just how “smart” is it? For starters, it is capable of recording over 3,000 data points per minute and this allows it to provide accurate scientific-grade body metrics. In other words, if you are an athlete who intends to find many different ways to make sure that you maximize your training and potential, there is no better way to go forward than with the Hexoskin. Forget about the slew of fitness bracelets, bands, chest straps and other fitness trackers – the Hexoskin is where the future’s at.

Basically, the Hexoskin smart shirt is a wearable precision lab, where it provides users with the power of tracking lab-quality metrics in the context where performance truly matters. Enlisting the assistance of NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, the sensors used were made up of textile, which leaves close to no hardware in the shirt. Of course, in order to transmit data, it relies on a tiny Bluetooth device which will be hooked up to the fabric sensors and placed in the shirt’s built-in side pocket – regardless of whether you are catching some shut eye or being involved in some activity. Light and comfortable, users will be able to fine tune their fitness regimes as they gain access to measurements which were previously unobtainable from regular fitness trackers.

Apart from measuring the likes of heart rate, step count, sleep duration and calories burned, it can also handle heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, activity level, acceleration, and cadence, among others. Expect the Hexoskin to be available in men’s and women’s styles at $399 a pop.

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