TARDIS Light-Up Headband for your young Dr. Who fan in the house


tardis-light-up-headbandWhen it comes to the TV series Doctor Who, you can be sure that you will run into fans of all different age groups as well as gender, and that does not matter. The more, the merrier, but when it comes to actually identifying the different kinds of Doctor Who collectibles that will be able to resonate with you, that can be a little bit more tricky. Case in point, if the little princess in your home too, has picked up the nuances of Doctor Who and would like to parade her passion for this particular TV series, what can you get here that suits her age? Enter the $15.99 TARDIS Light-Up Headband of course.

Wearing this would obviously turn her into a TARDIS with an attitude, as it arrives in the form of an adorable light up headband. Not only that, there is also an on-off switch that is located on the side of the lamp housing to help you get started, and it will be powered by a pair of LR41 batteries. You can rest assured in the knowledge that this is an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise, allowing you to shake off accusations of purchasing bootleg products with consummate ease. This blue headband comes with a smooth underside, and it is made out of plastic. This is definitely one of the more docile TARDIS collectible that we have come across.

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