Kisai Vortex tells the time in style


kisai-vortexWhile much focus has been placed on the recent slew of smartwatch releases, such as the Motorola Moto 360 as well as the Apple Watch, this does not mean that a regular timepiece that you wear on your wrist no longer has any more value. No sir, far from it – in fact, here we are with what is known as the Kisai Vortex, which is a unique watch as it sports a spiraling time display that is located right under a sleek concave lens.

Not only that, the Kisai Vortex prides itself in being a limited edition touchscreen watch that will boast a slew of other features. There will be a couple of time zones that will help frequent travelers keep track of the time at home as well as what the exact time it is right there and then with but a single glance. You will also be able to know just what date it is after crossing way too many time zones to keep count, and there is also an alarm function, some animation, a light up LED as well as audio feedback – all of it housed within a stainless steel case.

Right now, the Kisai Vortex can be yours for just $179 with free shipping thrown into the mix, and this offer is good until October 2nd, 11am Japan time – whereby after that, do expect to see the price gain a jump.

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