No Charge Smart Watch – forget about replacing its battery for a year


no-charge-smartwatchIt does look as though the age of smartwatches are upon us – there is no doubt about it at all. However, with more and more choices being made available to the masses such as the Apple Watch, just what kind of smartwatch should the discerning traveler choose from? If there is one major drawback about smartwatches, it would definitely be the rather limited battery life in comparison to a regular timepiece, and here we are with the $179.95 No Charge Smart Watch that might just help you look at a smartwatch in a different manner.

In fact, this particular waterproof smartwatch would make use of a single set of batteries in just an entire year, think about that! The No Charge Smart Watch will hook up to an iPhone or Android-powered smartphone through Bluetooth Smart technology, which results in it consuming very little energy compared to the previous versions of Bluetooth. In other words, this paves the way for the batteries to last up to an entire year – which does away with the need for tedious recharging every couple of days. When connected to your smartphone, the No Charge Smart Watch will show off the caller ID, while there will be different icons that will notify you of an incoming text, email, or social media activity.

Some of the other notifications include missed calls, calendar notifications, and low phone battery alerts – while there are also buttons on the side of the bezel which will enable you to play or pause music that is currently playing on the phone, or simply to snap a photo. The watch itself sports a brushed stainless-steel bezel, where it is made out of scratch-resistant mineral glass, accompanied by a rubber strap.

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