The Shoe Shine Boy will keep your favorite foot covering looking fancy


Shoe Shine Boy

If there’s one thing that can ruin your day, it’s having your favorite pair of shoes, bag, or wallet fall apart. Things that are made of leather often require care, but there aren’t nearly as many repair shops for these types of items in existence anymore. We buy things halfway expecting them to break within the next few months, or as early as the day after our purchase.

The main two aspects in this of course are time and money. It’s far easier to buy several cheaper items than having to save up for one big purchase, and that being your only option (which needs additional time and attention every now and again). Shoes are probably the hardest to keep up with, since they see the most use. If you don’t mind wearing the same pair so long as they look up to snuff, then you might want to get a Shoe Shine Boy. This is not an actual person of course, but is a handheld buffer that will return your shoes to their original glory. Of course, this will work decently on any leather product, so don’t just stop at your shoes!

This comes with a leather protection cream, black shoe polish, clear shoe polish, a shining device, shoe brush, 2 AA batteries, and 10 microfiber pads. The pads are what you would put the creams or polish on, but make sure you’re using the right color. No one wants to put brown polish on a pair of black shoes or vice versa. This will cost you $43.99, and though it will certainly help to keep the accessories you have in top order, you will still have to put in time to keep them that way.

Available for purchase on TouchOfModern


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