Nissan LEAF helps create artwork in spite of pollution in London


leaf-graffitiElectric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF are definitely ushering in a potentially new era of private transportation that will hopefully be able to help keep our environment cleaner with less emissions (or rather, zero emissions in the case of an electric car), not to mention having other incentives like an electric highway to obtain a higher adoption rate when it comes to pushing the ownership of electric cars to the masses. Having said that, the notable Nissan LEAF electric car was used to highlight London’s battle with air quality through an interesting manner.

The Nissan LEAF, which is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV), was actually the very same “device”, so to speak, used to power a striking piece of street art in Waterloo, London, where this particular artwork pointed to the capital of England’s iconic skyline.

Reverse graffiti artist, Moose, who also happened to be the founder of this unique form of art, had this to share about his effort. “It’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to create public art in this way and I’m very pleased with the iconic simplicity of the mural and its message.”

Reverse graffiti works differently from traditional graffiti, where Moose would be able to create his art simply by cleaning dirt off surfaces via a jet washer or wire brush, and as a result, this would leave a rather striking design in negative on the wall. Most of the dirt happened to have been caused by particulate matter from vehicle exhausts, and the levels are more often than not, exceed guidelines and limits throughout the busy areas of London and other European cities.

The Nissan LEAF would power the jet washer which was used to clean the wall, and this was made possible thanks to the LEAF to Home equipment which is capable of converting electricity from the car’s battery, delivering up to a couple of days’ power to a household on a single charge.

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