Rollie Egg-On-A-Stick Cooker makes you out like an expert

rollie-eggNot all rollers or rolling pins are created equal – some of them do boast of far better and extreme capabilities compared to the others. If you have always loved to bite down on a dish of eggs, but somehow or rather never really managed to master the art of dishing out perfectly rolled eggs that do not break despite being extremely thin, here is something which might just help you out – at the same time leaving everyone else to wonder just where and when did you acquire such skill? Surely you are not plugged in to the matrix with a program downloaded to help you master such a feat in the kitchen? The answer lies in the £34.99 Rollie Egg-On-A-Stick Cooker.

The Rollie Egg-On-A-Stick Cooker happens to offer a new, healthier and funnier way to cook perfect eggs – every single time. No longer do you need to worry about the mess that is created from using oil and butter, and neither do you need to watch the clock – the entire shebang will pop up when your eggs are done. It offers a revolutionary easy-to-eat shape, and thanks to its cool-touch housing with a non-slip silicone grip base, you will be able to make ues of Vertical Cooking Technology while doing other house chores at home.