Gravity Maze helps get the brain working

gravity-mazeOur brain is pretty much like a puzzle – the more we make use of it, the more efficient it becomes as we hone the thought process to sharpen the dull parts. Having said that, with all of the passive entertainment that one goes through each day in this day and age through the movies and at home in front of the TV, how about playing a more pro-active role instead? This is where the $29.99 Gravity Maze comes in handy, being one of the more recent puzzle games to make an appearance.

While Gravity Maze happens to be meant for just a single player only, there is also the fun factor as one approaches the challenges as a team. Meant for those aged eight and above, the Gravity Maze will require one to construct a path which will be able to carry a marble from the start position all the way to the target tower. Here is a tip – try not to lose your marbles or tear your hair out along the way, especially when you have not been using your grey matter that seriously for way too many years already. This puzzle game will target children aged 8 and above, where it will teach them the physics of the real world within the real world itself, and there are 60 different puzzle cards to choose from that deliver escalating difficulty levels.