Rabbids Super Plunger Sound Blaster Series 2 lets you be extra annoying


rabbids-super-plungerThem crazy Rabbids are bad enough (in a good way) in the world of video games, but to see it make its way into some sort of real life device? That is surely nuts to say the least, but for fans of the cuckoo gaming character, you would definitely not hesitate too much about picking up the $21.99 Rabbids Super Plunger Sound Blaster.

There are three modes for you to choose from and drive the rest of your friends and colleagues crazy – Bwaaah, Fart, and Prank. With this, as long as there is enough battery power within, you will be able to fire off crazy Rabbid sounds with this sound effects blaster. After all, Rabbids are well known to make funny noises, so you might as well join in on the craziness at the moment without having to wait until March. The Bwaaah Mode will trigger regular sound effects, while Fart Mode is pretty much self explanatory (you might want to “counter” this with the Fart Detector though). In Prank Mode, you will hold the trigger down for 5 seconds, before you place the Rabbids Super Plunger Sound Blaster in a strategic location. 20 seconds later, the Blaster will then begin to play random Rabbids sounds.

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