The LaCie RuggedKey makes sure clumsy owners don’t destroy data


LaCie RuggedKey

Even if you’re on top of many aspects of your life, you can still be extremely clumsy or forgetful. The most commonly lost items are things that always end up being right under your nose. Then there are times when when you think you have a firm grasp on something, and you hear the sound of it hitting the floor before you realize you’ve dropped it.

Most of the time the things we forget or toss around are our keys, wallet, and phone. Our stuff can usually take a beating (so long as you have a good phone case). However, there’s one thing we don’t always have a backup for, and that would be a flash drive. We all have a favorite that we use more than any other, and the idea of losing it would be too awful to handle. While we can back up our phones, replace our credit cards, and get new keys made, we can’t bring back the data that was on that one tiny flash drive (unless you’ve saved it multiple places, which hopefully you have).

If you want a way to make sure the elements or one bad day of being extra clumsy can’t destroy your flash drive, then you might like the RuggedKey. This is USB 3.0, and can handle a bit of water, heat, cold, and can even be dropped 100 m without damage. This is also IP-54 certified for resistance to damage from dust and wind. There are options for 16-64GB in a price range of $29.99-99.99.

Available for purchase on LaCie


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