The Handheld Head and Neck Massager will help rid your muscles of tension

Handheld Head and Neck Massager

It’s easy to get your muscles knotted up. We stress out about work, school, home, and all the things we do in our free time (if we have any), and that often balls up our muscles to the point of becoming painful. You can go get a massage from a professional, but that’s going to be a very hefty bill after a few visits.

Of course, if your pain is specific to one or two places, you could always get an electronic massager at home that will do the same work for a fraction of the price. The Handheld Head and Neck Massager is a small rubber-tipped massager that can help to loosen your muscles. There are are four rubber heads with 7 finger-like nodes, giving you 28 points of contact. The three speed settings are controlled by the power button, and will give you medium and fast speed clockwise, and a fast counterclockwise rotation.

Thanks to a waterproof body, this massager can even go in the shower. In all honesty, that’s probably the only place you’d want to use it, especially if you have long hair, as this will assuredly tussle it all over the place. This will cost you $79.95, but keep in mind that this only has a one and a half hour battery life and will need to charge for three. It might be more stressful to use this and have to remember to charge it for next time rather than just massaging your head and neck yourself.

Available for purchase on Hammacher-Schlemmer