Epic Cellular announces new watchphone

epic-miniIt does look as though even watches are getting smarter by the day, judging by the slew of upcoming smartwatches in the market, as well as those that are well on their way. These certainly offer a throwback to the comic Dick Tracy, and the idea of merging a phone with a watch has been around for quite some time already, where even LG has toyed with it a good half a decade ago. Well, we are pleased to bring you word that Epic Cellular will be introducing its new range of groundbreaking watchphones which will, fingers crossed by Epic Cellular, be able to replace one’s day-to-day cellular devices.

These upcoming watchphones are touted to be able to send and receive phone calls, compose text messages, browse the web, snap high quality photos, and even download popular apps while storing music, among others. Apart from that, the Epic Watchphones will be worn on the wrist, or for those who want to take on a more fashionable approach, you can do so wearing it as a necklace, so no worries about dropping or losing your phone ever again.

What makes the Epic Watchphones different from other smartwatches is this – there is no need for it to remain synchronized or tethered to a handheld device so that it can function. The watchphones will operate on unlocked GSM SIM cards, and will play nice with any carrier and offer service regardless of where you are around the world. I would like to say that such a claim ought to come with a pinch of salt – this is no satellite phone, so do expect the usual dead spots such as in your basement to strike the Epic Watchphone, too.

You can choose from the Epic Signature Edition as well as the Epic Mini, where the latter has been specially designed to be worn around the neck in the same vein as that of a piece of jewelry. Both models are able to track vital signs, making it ideal for fitness buffs, too. Pre-orders for the Epic Watchphones stand at $220 for the Epic Mini and $249 for the Signature Edition.

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