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There is nothing like being face to face with nature, there is something so miraculous about the flora and fauna of our world, that being immersed in it can provide you with moments that take your breath away. Yes, I have experienced a few of those moments myself, but just how far should we go in our attempts to commune with nature?

How far? I asked. Well, check out :–2<: (pronounced eye to eye) and resembling an April Fools prank gone bad, this wearable Hummingbird feeder is based on a full face shield à la Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees, with a miniaturized Hummingbird feeding tube added to the inside. The premise is, if you sit still long enough, Hummingbirds will actually feed from right between your beady little eyes, about an inch above your nose. Imagine the cross-eyed splendor!

Believe it or not, the company appears to be overwhelmed with orders, and the website has a few entertaining movies of successful contact with some of those amazing little wing beaters. Each Jason mask, I mean face shield, is individually hand crafted and modified in order to accommodate the re-movable feeding tube located on the inside. The mask contains a graphic inlay of red rhododendrons to further attract Hummingbirds to the station, and there are eyeholes in the inlay that allow the viewer to watch the hummers, all up close and personal like.

So if you’re really serious about Hummingbirds, or you’d just like to portray a kinder, gentler serial killer this Halloween, the Wearable Hummingbird Feeder may be for you. Check out the videos, or go ahead and buy one for around 80 bucks, at heatstick.com. Be forewarned, you wont be able to watch the movies without imagining someone screaming from inside the barn, or running hysterically through the woods, but try it anyway.