Xbox One Controller arrives for the PC

xboxone-pc-controllerWhen it comes to the choice of gaming peripherals for hardcore gamers, they can be rather particular about the make and type, and brand loyalty, too, would play an extremely big role in influencing their final decision. Having said that, if you love playing console games that have been ported over to the PC, or titles on the PC platform that would work better with a typical console game controller compared to a keyboard and mouse setup, perhaps it is time you consider picking up the Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows.

Arriving later this coming November, this is a Windows 7 and Windows 8-compatible controller that will bring the feel of the Xbox One to your PC. The Xbox One Controller + Cable is the final product after going through more than 200 prototypes (phew!), and it boasts of more than 40 awesome innovations, making it the best PC controller that Microsoft has ever rolled out. It takes on a plug-and-play function, and it works great on your Xbox One as well, letting you kill two birds with one stone.

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