Leef Ice USB 3.0 Drives looks really cool


leef-ice-usb-driveI guess the name of the Leef Ice USB 3.0 Drives more or less gives the game away, allowing you to look as cool as possible. I know that USB flash drives are dime a dozen these days, and while majority of the more modern ones will arrive to offer USB 3.0 compatibility, the differentiating factor between one and the other boils down to the overall design. Having said that, the Leef Ice USB 3.0 Drives are beautifully designed, as it comes in a no-nonsense form factor unlike the Message in a Bottle USB drive.

You will be able to choose from either black or copper colors, with three different capacities to choose from – 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, which will retail for $19.99, $29,.99 and $69.99, respectively. Not only that, despite being so small and running the risk of you throwing it into the washing machine as you do your laundry, the Leef Ice USB 3.0 Drive is waterproof, so you should heave a sigh of relief knowing that your data stored within will remain safe and sound. It is also shockproof and dust proof, but it will not stop any kind of incoming bullets. The soft-glow LED adds a dash of class, and

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