The Royal Shopper Plus can be your pack mule for everything


Royal Shopper

If you’re always on the go, and have to carry more than just a tablet, wallet, and keys, then you’re going to need a bag that is versatile. Not only should it be able to carry everything you need to have on hand during your daily tasks, but it should also be able to hold more in case you need to stop at a shop. Of course, you would also want the ability to transfer to wheels if it’s just too much for your back to handle.

If this sounds like the perfect bag, then prepare yourself for the price tag that comes attached to the Royal Shopper Plus. This is a cross between a backpack, bicycle trailer, and shopping trolley all in one. It can hold up to 56 liters, and has smooth rubber tires that will allow you to roll it behind you or your bike. Of course, with the latter of those options, you’ll need to get the $82 hitch to do so.

The frame is made of aluminum tubing, and can support up to 110 pounds. The material of the bag is a tex cotton fabric that has a 14 liter insulated pocket to keep food purchased at the grocery at an optimal temperature. There are also two reflectors on the back so those who often prefer to get from place to place on foot can be seen when sun goes down. It is a bit on the bulky side, but as someone who often carries a large backpack, this is a dream come true. The only downside is that it costs around $262, but hopefully that’s just because it’s high quality.

Available for purchase on proidee, found via redferret

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