Heels Above is a Stiletto protector that will save you from breaking an ankle


Heels Above

We make a conscious decision every morning to put on clothes that we think will represent us. Whether or not we want it to, how we present ourselves says a lot about us. You can choose to wear a nice shirt with ratty jeans or a suit regardless of where life has dropped you. While it’s not a common piece of attire for everyone, high heels can bring the right outfit together in a wonderful way.

Of course, if you’ve ever worn a pair of stilettos, then you know how dangerous it can be at times. These may make your legs look long and beautiful, but it really won’t make much of a difference what they look like on you if you’ve broken your ankle. It’s all too easy for your heel to sink into the ground, find the crack in the cement, or slip through a grate. If you wish you had a way to protect your heels and yourself until you get to work or wherever you know is going to have perfectly flat surfaces to walk on, the Heels Above will make sure you get to where you’re going safely.

These are plastic caps that fit on the bottom of your heel, and will make sure you have more surface area to walk on. They are said to be “discreet”, but if anyone looks at your shoes they will likely notice them. You’ll have to choose between looking stylish all the time and your safety. These only cost $13.95, and should work for multiple pairs of heels. Of course, if you look at the image above, it looks as though they were made for a very thin heel, so keep that in mind if this is on your radar.

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Bobbella Fett Says: September 17, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Have to admit that it’s a clever little idea. If I did wear these type of dangerous shoes I would buy them. Maybe in the colour of the shoe as well.

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