4SeTV – for 4 Times the TV



If you’re a huge sports fan, you’ve probably found yourself flipping through channels endlessly trying to watch more than one game, on different channels. You try and take advantage of every commercial break, jumping back and forth, hoping not to miss any big plays that happened when you weren’t watching. How many times did you silently curse at yourself, when you get back just in time to see the crowd cheering wildly as the game ended?

Well, we’ve got a gadget for you. Check out 4SeTV, a device that gives you the ability to watch 4 different channels, all on the same screen. 4SeTV streams the content you want to see to your Wi-Fi connected devices on your home network, including your smart TV, your tablet or smartphone. Hardware setup is a quick plug and play utilizing your home ‘s wireless router, and with the associated app, a simple swipe lets you change from 1 screen to 4 screens.

So if being able to turn your humble TV into sportsbar-esque perfection excites you, check out the campaign at kickstarter.com, but do it quick, because funding ends today. Dont have a compatible TV? It’s okay, Google Chromecast can still connect, and display your quad-screen action. If you’d like to watch a demo of 4SeTV click HERE.  Right now you can get one by backing the project for 99 bucks. Otherwise we’re all gonna have to wait.

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