Moga unveils Rebel game controller for iOS devices

moga-rebelGone are the days where the go-to portable gaming device comes in the form of a Nintendo or Sony handheld like a Nintendo 3DS or Sony PS Vita only. The rapid adoption of smartphones among the masses has also increased the number of casual gamers who are always on the move, creating an entire new market in the process. While gaming on an iPhone is easy and convenient, on-screen controls are not exactly the best way to go about things in the long run, which is why Moga has come up with their latest Moga Rebel.

The Moga Rebel happens to be a new full-sized, console-style, premium game controller that will cater for the likes of the iPhone, iPad, iPad air, iPad mini and iPod touch (5th generation) which runs on iOS 7+. Those who are interested in the Moga Rebel will be able to pick it up in Apple stores in North America from September 17 onward for $79.99 a pop.

The Moga Rebel intends to deliver the very best features of a tablet game controller alongside the added ability so that it can be used portably with the iPhone or iPod touch. Being comfortable to the touch, this high-quality, Bluetooth wireless controller delivers precision control, ensuring that gamers will be able to enjoy an unparalleled console-style experience. It has a size and shape that would not be a stranger to majority of the console gamers out there, letting you feel at home right from the get go.

Gamers who rock to an iPhone or iPod touch (5th generation) will also be able to transform their phone into a complete mobile gaming system, as long as they secure their device using the Moga Rebel’s flip-up MOGA Arm with S.M.R.T. Lock technology. The MOGA arm can expand in order to accommodate even the largest new phones.

Features of the Moga Rebel include an extended control set, comfortable dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 buttons, a D-pad, and a quartet of action buttons, all running on a 680mAh rechargeable battery.

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