Personalized Message RC Helicopter drops a convenient note


personalized-msg-helicopterIt is said that some things in life need not be said – after all, there are unspoken “rules” and expressions which can be conveyed through situations or a facial expression. However, some folks are not all that subtle, and even when you say it out loud in an indirect manner, they simply do not get it. I suppose things cannot get any more “in your face” than with the $49.95 Personalized Message RC Helicopter if you so happen to have a message that you are dying to share with someone out there.

The Personalized Message RC Helicopter functions as the perfect platform to do so, since a potentially offensive message would not result in a haymaker connecting to your face as you control this unique helicopter from a distance. Not only that, it is a surefire way of capturing one’s attention right from the get go. The Personalized Message RC Helicopter happens to be able to show personalized messages across its blades while it flies thanks to the phenomenon known as persistence of vision. Prior to takeoff, the relevant preparations need to be done as you hook up the helicopter to a computer and input up to nine messages of 18 characters each. It has a battery that offers 12-minute flights and recharges in a mere 30 minutes, now how about that for convenience? Definitely different from the other RC helicopters that we have seen before.

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