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Acer announces hybrid Aspire R 13 device


Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer has just announced their latest hybrid Aspire R 13 device, where it happens to be a convertible notebook which is capable of making the transition between different kinds of notebook and tablet style modes of operation. For instance, the R 13 Series will boast of Acer’s very own Ezel Aero hinge which would pave the way for the display to rotate into half a dozen different positions. Not only that, it will also boast of compatibility with the optional Acer Active Pen.

 The Acer Aspire R 13 Series offers intelligent construction and smart features which will help to enhance work and play. Measuring less than an inch in terms of thickness, it tips the scales at slightly more than 1.5 kg, ensuring that users get to enjoy both flexibility and stability. With its 13.3” that remains affixed to this special hinge at the sides, the screen is capable of rotating a full 180-degrees, and it offers a quick and effortless method for one to make the transition between different kinds of modes that ensures one will be able to be productive regardless of where one is. The patented dual-torque system hinge ensures that the display remains stable and in place when touch navigation is used.

As for the different modes, here they are described in greater detail. Notebook mode would offer a precise and spacious keyboard for maximum productivity, while Ezel mode lets the display come close for convenient reading and web browsing. As for Stand mode, it is easier to draw a flow chart, take notes, brainstorm with others or edit artwork, while Pad mode transforms the R 13 into a tablet for web browsing, playing games or watching videos. Then there is the Tent mode which is the ideal position whenever space is limited, and Display mode makes it perfect for viewing photos and video or playing games with others.

The screen itself sports anti-fingerprint technology that does away with smudges, making displays a whole lot easier to clean, and there is also anti-reflective technology which minimizes reflections and improves the display’s contrast. You also get to choose from either Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 1TB Solid State Drives with RAID-0 support and up to 8GB of memory. Prices start from $899.99 depending on the region you live in, and what kind of specifications you decide upon.

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