The Living Tower is all the furniture you need

Living Tower

When it comes to setting up your living room, you want things to look cohesive. Similar colors and themes usually show through all the furniture and decorations you choose. Of course, trying to fit in enough seating for the amount of people that come in and out of your home that will also work with your aesthetics is where things start to become difficult.

If you have more money than you know what to do with and don’t mind a bit of climbing to sit on the couch, then you might like the Verner Panton Living Tower. This is a towering piece of art that just so happens to have multiple options of seating from a lounger to a recliner. This is a “living landscape” that is all about comfort, color, and experience. There are four levels to this tower, and it is not meant for those who don’t have a little pep in their step.

You’ll only be able to choose this in red, matt blue, or chocolate, so you’ll have to make sure this will fit your theme. Of course, you could just get this as a “Wow” piece for your living room and have it be the only bright color in the room. Most of us live in a situation where this would be the only thing we could afford, seeing that it costs $16,125. Of course, shipping and handling would bring that price up even further, so this is really a commitment. While it is certainly beautiful in its own right and would be a lot of fun to sit on, you’d want to make sure you have enough disposable income to purchase a piece of furniture that costs as much as a car.

Available for purchase on hivemodern, found via thisiswhyimbroke