I Heart Biscuits Mug kills two bids with one stone


i-heart-biscuits-mugI have yet to meet someone who does not like biscuits or cookies – who can actually turn the down? In order to establish the fact for the whole world to know (and who knows, a kind hearted colleague might actually drop some cookies into your lap from time to time out of care and concern), it is about time you make your presence and preferences known in the office pantry with the £12.99 I Heart Biscuits Mug.

This is one unique mug, where it is not only capable of holding 500ml of your favorite beverage, there is also a slot available that lets you insert a biscuit of choice. Definitely the cutest mug ever to help those keep their favorite brew company with a tasty snack. Washing the slot might be a wee bit tricky if the chocolate on the biscuit sticks to the insides though, so you might want to be a little bit more careful with the choice of biscuits that you actually place into the slot. Something tells me that just one biscuit is not going to be enough, especially when you tackle that particular assignment that is going to take you through the whole night and all the way to the next morning! Definitely one of the more useful mugs that we’ve talked about so far.

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