The Connector Pen gives you a backup charging cable when you need it


Connector Pen

It’s far too easy to take a full phone charge for granted. We’re used to our days playing out a certain way, and when our plans change or we forget to bring things with us, our lives instantly seem more difficult. The two things we seem to forget the most are a pen and charging cable. These can easily be bummed off of a friend, but you want to be careful that you don’t make it a habit.

If you’re always afraid of the day that no one will be able to help you out and you’ll have to deal with a brick for a phone, you might want to have a backup plan for your backup plan. While you can try to make sure you bring a charging cable with you, should your past self fail you, you can always have a Connector Pen on deck. This is a chunky pen that is a stylus, ball point pen, and smartphone charger. This is all rolled into a black brushed aluminum casing that can easily be stowed in your bag and forgotten about until needed.

The stylus conceals the pen, which can be revealed with a simple twist. This includes a lightning and microUSB connector so it can be used with a variety of smartphones. As there are no wires to worry about, you won’t have to deal with a tangled mess in your bag. This will cost you around $24, and should you happen to be a very forgetful person, this could save you on a famously bad day. Of course, if you’re using this is your only pen, charging cable, and stylus, then losing this could make your day pretty unfortunate rather quickly.

Available for purchase on Firebox

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Geerten Says: September 18, 2014 at 1:29 am

How do you get refills for this pen and how much do they cost?

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