Classic Sit-On Sand Excavator lets Jack work and play simultaneously


sit-on-excavatorWhoever said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Not only that, if Jack were to play all day long, he is not going to end up with the strength of character to work when the situation demands so, which is also detrimental to him when he grows up as he tries to find a fit in our society. Hence, a careful work-play balance ought to be achieved in this case, and for parents who might want their children to participate in some of the house chores around the home, the $59.95 Classic Sit-On Sand Excavator might make perfect sense.

The Classic Sit-On Sand Excavator will allow children to dig through the sand in the same manner as that of an actual backhoe. It is tiny enough to fit in a backyard sandbox as well as lightweight enough to bring to the beach, and its hinged boom, serrated bucket, and swiveling seat would open the door for optimal digging, scooping, and dumping sessions. Special sound effects are optional, and with a pair of hand controls, children are able to raise and lower the boom, helping direct the bucket’s teeth to dig for treasure and collect a mound. The seat itself will be able to swivel 360° in order to deposit the load on the opposite side of the job site. Even if the hours are long, fret not, as the seat comes in a contoured shape for a comfortable and stable work shift. With this, you do not need any kind of LG KiZON to keep track of your children.

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David Susilo Says: September 9, 2014 at 1:06 pm

Great nostalgic toy. I used to have an identical unit about 35 years ago when I lived in Australia!!

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