Towering Toppling Timbers Game brings a life sized Jenga to the family

tower-topplingHave you ever indulged yourself in a game of Jenga before? Assuming you have answered in the negative, I have just one question for you, “Where the heck have you been so far?” Having said that, perhaps it is time for Jenga lovers as well as those who are new to the concept of the game to check out the $149.95 Towering Toppling Timbers Game. Sure, this is no official blown up Jenga, but it is a far larger version of the game that will definitely elicit plenty of laughter and fun from the family as you are involved in it.

The Towering Toppling Timbers Game happens to be a wooden block set that forms a 4′ tower where players will need to disassemble one piece at a time – and the challenge lies in doing so without toppling the whole stack. There are 54 solid wooden pieces, which are approximately 3 times larger than those which are used with common building block games, where they begin as a dense, gapless structure 2 1/4′ high, that over the course of the game, can rise up to 4 1/2′ into the air. Needless to say, you will need to be extra careful when removing a block in order to leave the structure intact, at the same time weakening it enough to leave your opponent in a conundrum. Best of all is, this timeless game requires no batteries, making it ideal for those rainy days or for some outdoor fun.