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We constantly blame teens. texting and cell phones for the increase in horrendous motor vehicle accidents over the years, and while it is true that smartphones have certainly added to the dilemma, there are many other distractions that can cause the average driver to lose control. Quarreling kids in the backseat, eating your lunch on the run, sleepiness, being preoccupied with work troubles, heck, a bug in the car has caused more accidents than you can image… What if you had a second set of eyes, or an early warning system that could help you see and accident before it happened?

Check out Safe Drive Systems, using advanced radar and camera technologies Safe Drive constantly monitors the distance between you, and the vehicles ahead of you, it can also recognize road markings in order to help keep you from drifting out of your lane. In the event of a perceived problem, the system provides real-time analysis, and warns you of the potential dangers ahead with both audible and visual alerts. Smart Drive Systems can actually prevent crashes and serious or fatal injuries to you, your family, or the millions of other folks with whom you share the road.

Having a Safe Drive System in place can prevent you from head-on collisions, lateral impact collisions, and even from driving off the road. Systems like these are found in many new luxury vehicles, and can now be installed in almost any late model car. Once the system is installed, the user friendly interface allows any driver use and respond to the system while driving in order to maintain proper control out on the open road.

Safe Drive Systems need to be professionally installed, and works reliably and effectively in any weather conditions. For more information, and product videos please visit Prices start at around 1000 bucks.

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