The Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers provide all-encompassing sound for the traveling gamer


Ferox Portable gaming speakers

Gaming can be a casual thing, but if you start playing more, you’re going to notice how your equipment affects your in-game abilities. If your mouse can’t keep up with how quickly you move, or your keys on your keyboard don’t have a fast enough response time, then it’s going to negatively impact your performance. Of course, sound also plays a major role in your ability to react to in-game instances.

If you don’t have a very good sound system and were thinking of upgrading, chances are you want to get speakers that give you fully immersive sound. Should you happen to be an avid gamer, then you know that Razer is a well-respected name for our community. You can trust their keyboards and mice to live up to their name, so there’s no reason the Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers can’t do the same.

These little speakers are only two and a half inches tall, and provide 360 degree omnidirectional sound. They have 30mm neodymium magnet drivers, are both 3W, and charge via USB. You can game anywhere for around 8 hours with two powerful speakers at your disposal before you would need to recharge. These plug into your 3.5mm jack, and are meant to be used for portable gaming, which makes them perfect for staying at a home away from home and wanting to feel as though you’re at your desktop setup. Of course, do use some courtesy when using these out and about. You’ll be looking at paying out $49.99-59.99 should you have interest in getting two little speakers that have some bite.

Available for purchase on ThinkGeek

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